Unboxing: Spectro Scientific FluidScan 1100 - Handheld Infrared Oil Analyzer

Noria Corporation

Infrared spectrometers are powerful tools to help you understand the current condition of your oil. However, they're often bulky and expensive, so they're most commonly found in offsite oil analysis labs.

In this video, Noria Chief Strategy Officer Bennett Fitch takes a look at an affordable, portable infrared spectrometer by Spectro Scientific that allows you to have this powerful oil analysis tool on your desk, or even take it with you on routes. Not only does this make the technology more accessible, in many cases it can provide near real-time data that will allow critical lubrication decisions to be made more quickly rather than waiting for results from an off-site lab.

Thank you to Spectro Scientific for sponsoring this unboxing. Find out more at https://www.spectrosci.com/fluidscan