Unboxing: CITGARD 700 & 800 Heavy-Duty Engine Oils

Noria Corporation

Selecting the right engine oil is a crucial part of keeping heavy-duty vehicles maintained and operating efficiently. In this Unboxing, Jeremie Edwards uncovers the benefits and performance properties of CITGO’s CITGARD 700 and 800 heavy-duty engine oils.

CITGARD 700 is known for its ability to improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%. It is engineered with additive technology that protects engines running at higher operating temperatures and fuel injection pressures, while meeting tighter wear limits and lower emission requirements.

CITGARD 800 improves fuel efficiency and is formulated for natural gas (CNG/LNG), diesel and gasoline fueled engines. This oil provides multi-fueled vehicles with optimum performance capability without compromising overall performance.