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Lubricants are the first line of defense against contaminants, oxidation and wear. They’re designed to separate moving parts, transfer heat and remove contaminants safely to a filter where they can be removed or to a sump where they pose less of a threat. The challenge with dirt and water is that they come from both the operating environment and the equipment or system’s operation.
Keeping a handle on lubrication is easy, right? All one needs to do is make sure the right lubricant is used in the right amount and at the right time. Not so fast; if only it were that simple. Most bearing failures are lubrication-related.
Over 90% of rotating equipment failure at startup is directly related to poor bearing installation practices. This procedure from LUDECA outlines a simple and safe way for proper bearing installation using induction heating plus tips for bearing removal.
The economic value of using a high performance kidney loop filtration system to keep the oil servo valve clean. It was able to return the oil cleanliness to servo valve clean within hours and keep it below the recommended levels for an extended time.

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