Unboxing: OilSafe® Filtration Units (Portable & Stationary)

Noria Corporation

Filtration is one part of oil maintenance that is often at risk of being oversimplified. Some filtration is good, so more filtration should be better, right? Not so fast. Well-considered filtration can extend the life of your oil, while incorrect filtration can result in cross-contamination, stripping of additives, and even safety hazards if spills occur. In this video, Noria technicians Paul Farless and Wes Cash unbox both the portable and stationary versions of OilSafe's filtration units, which utilize a slew of best practices and thoughtful innovations to help ensure that filtration is done safely and correctly every time.


Find out more about OilSafe® and their filtration options today at https://www.oilsafe.com/FilterUnits