Machinery Lubrication April 2018

Featured Article

Michael D. Holloway, ALS Tribology

Whether inadequate lubrication, component defects or poor maintenance practices are to blame for your equipment problems, wear debris analysis can help indicate a pending failure. While it m…

Andrew Monk, Lubrisolve Engineering Solutions

Lubrication in the cement industry offers some unique challenges. Find out the best strategies for proper lubricant selection and application.

Rich Wurzbach, MRG Labs

The next logical step in making substantial gains in equipment reliability and life extension may be achieved by taking a closer look at the contaminants hiding in your greases.

Steffen D. Nyman, C.C. Jensen

Filter testing is important for establishing the efficiency of the filters you are using. Quality filters that lead to clean oil will help protect your assets from many common failure modes and can help them have longer service lives as well.

Daniel Stöckl, NKE Austria; Klaus Grissenberger, NKE Austria

The operational reliability and durability of bearings can be significantly improved by correctly assessing and adjusting their lubrication.

Al Smiley, GPM Hydraulic Consulting

When troubleshooting hydraulic systems, most everyone looks for something large to be the problem, such as a pump or cylinder, but every component has a function, including the check valve.

Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

A well-constructed inspection plan enhances the likelihood and magnitude of successful and sustained deployment. Discover which tasks and features should be incorporated when writing your pl…

Wes Cash, Noria Corporation

Although polishing wear can have both good and bad consequences, it usually is best to avoid any wear mode.

Paul Hiller, ICML

Whether you win an award from the International Council for Machinery Lubrication or not, the more applications you submit, the more tangible the benefits you will receive.

Over the past couple of years, Roger Story has helped others understand the importance of lubrication excellence while advancing the lube program at the Owens Corning plant in Aiken, South C…