Machinery Lubrication June 2015

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Dustin Webster, Bunge Oilseed Processing Division; Ken McPheeters, Bunge North America

Discover how a global agribusiness and food ingredient company’s improved oil storage and handling practices led to considerable cost savings and fewer machine failures.

Craig Winterfield, Fluid Life; Frederik van de Voort, McGill University

A new way of measuring the acid and base number of in-service oils has recently been developed and promises to be significantly faster and more precise than the current industry standard met…

Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

The demand for highly qualified lubricant analysts is rising at a fast pace. This has created an opportunity for both employers and those looking for smart career moves.

Noria Corporation

Trending oil analysis data with a focus on the life cycle of the lubricant makes it easy to determine where you need to spend your time, money and energy.

Wes Cash, Noria Corporation

“Synthetics” is an all-encompassing term that is used to describe a lubricant’s base fluid. However, synthetics can be dramatically different from each other and at times are incompatible.

Noria Corporation

Nearly 1,000 industry experts, leaders and decision-makers from around the world recently journeyed to Cleveland, Ohio, for Noria Corporation’s 16th annual Reliable Plant Conference and Exhibition....

Alejandro Meza, Noria Corporation

From program management and lubricant selection to lubricant application and contamination control, learn the key elements that lubrication project managers must include in an effective implementation.

Bennett Fitch, Noria Corporation

Lubricants age and alter chemically by a process called oxidation. In fact, oxidation is the primary way a lubricant degrades over time from normal service. It typically results in impaired chemical and physical properties of the base oil and additives. Understanding why a lubricant oxidizes is essential to prevent, delay and monitor the process.

Suzy Hitchcock, ICML

Exelon’s Phil Silveri (left) and Nishant Prasad (center) accepted the Augustus H. Gill Award from ICML executive director Suzy Hitchcock (right) at the recent Reliable Plant Conference...

Name: Joe Anderson Age: 36 Job Title: Reliability Leader Company Name: J.M. Smucker Co. Location: Toledo, Ohio Length of Service: 1 year When Joe Anderson began his...

Loren Green, Noria Corporation

Proper handling techniques don’t end when oil has been put into service. Once the oil’s life has been exceeded, you must ensure the lubricant is captured and disposed of safely and in an env…