Ten Compelling Reasons to Attend Practicing Oil Analysis 2000

Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

Imagine . . . the leaders of our field will be gathered together. Some will be technocrats, most will be technicians. A few will have Ph.D.’s, but more will have learned trade skills. Practicing Oil Analysis 2000 will not be an event for casual observers. Too much is at stake.

These participants will all be part of a revolutionary movement in machine reliability. Much like crusaders, they all share a passion. A passion for oil - how to control it, how to learn from it.

The energy and frenzy will not be unlike a swap meet where information, best practice, and ideas are hurriedly exchanged. Everyone learning on neutral ground. The scholars will be there to learn from the practitioners. The practitioners will learn from the scholars and, of course, other practitioners. There will also be lab folks in attendance - many of them - perhaps over 100.

This is the event of the year. Everyone who is anyone in oil analysis will be on the guest list - a virtual who’s who in oil analysis. But why should you attend? What’s in it for you? Consider the following ten compelling reasons:

1 Find a Great Lab. In the exhibition hall, meeting rooms, hospitality suites and hallways will be dozens of people representing commercial labs. Learn what they have to offer and what makes them unique.

2 Find the Best Technology. Setting up or expanding an onsite lab? See numerous instruments and software products in the exhibition hall as well as the latest technologies, all presented by suppliers in the product track.

3 Network with Experts. Expert practitioners, lab technologists, diagnosticians, tribologists and scholars will all be there. Learn the tricks of the trade and share a few of your own. Build a network of consultants and trusted advisers to help your company blaze a trail to excellence in lubrication.

4 Become an Expert. Learn the language of oil analysis. There’s no better place to gain critical knowledge and expertise. Between workshops, panel discussions, technical tracks, user sessions and new product presentations, the learning environment is rich.

5 Discover the Magic of Integration. Optimize reliability and maintenance by integrating oil analysis with vibration, thermography and other maintenance technologies. Learn how multiple technologies are leveraged and complement the overall strategy. Also, learn the critical importance of up-skilling and cross-discipline training.

6 See Lubrication Excellence at Work. The rules of lubrication have indeed changed. Leading practitioners have turned their programs into profit-producing “Centers of Excellence” and dispensed with ritual practices and old school notions of machine lubrication. Several sessions by users who have led their organizations through such transformation are on the conference program. Use what you learn to benchmark your company’s progress.

7 See Proactive Maintenance at Work. When it comes to machine reliability, why do things the hard way? Rather than simply diagnosing problems after the fact, why not deploy a preemptive strike instead? Proactive maintenance is the number one value-generating, cost-reducing strategy in lubrication and oil analysis today. Learn the tactical elements to clean, dry, cool and “well-oiled” at Practicing Oil Analysis 2000 to jumpstart your proactive maintenance program.

8 Get a Dialog Going with Lubricant Suppliers. The first step to applying good oil analysis is starting not only with good oil but also the right oil. We have invited several oil suppliers to make presentations on an assortment of topics. Many will also be in the exhibit hall with their latest products and services on display. Get an interactive dialog going with them on what they have to offer. Contrast it with your current supplier’s capabilities and what your lubricant requirements and expectations will be going forward.

9 Don’t be the Last to Set Up an Onsite Lab. The number of new onsite oil analysis labs being set up by users has been rising at an incredible rate. Is your company lagging behind and not taking advantage of the many opportunities? There will be a large number of onsite oil analysis instruments on display at the exhibition hall, as well as several related conference presentations. You will also rub shoulders with dozens of users who have already taken the plunge into onsite oil analysis.

10 Hear the Buzz on the Latest Internet-Enabled Products and Services. We have all noticed the rush by oil analysis service and product suppliers to capitalize on the Internet. Numerous web-enabled products and services have recently been introduced or will be rolled-out within months. Most of this new technology will be on display in the conference exhibit hall or presented in the
Products Track.

As you can see, Practicing Oil Analysis 2000 has a lot to offer. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. See you in Tulsa in October.

James C. Fitch

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