SPM Instrument Launches New Online Condition Monitoring System

Mikael Lindfors, SPM Instrument

Anew high-performance online system for condition-monitoring of critical industrial equipment is launched by SPM Instrument, Sweden. The system, named Intellinova, complements the Nova family of products - condition-monitoring software and instruments.

This system provides overall asset maintenance and control. It is a carefully designed and dependable workhorse, developed to fit the needs of a wide range of machinery applications.

The online system ensures a durable and scalable system at an affordable price. The use of modern technology throughout the system makes measurement and signal conditioning fast and enables extremely high levels of measurement accuracy and repeatability.

The system measures shock pulse for in-depth bearing analysis. Shocks emitted by rolling element bearings are analyzed with fast Fourier transform (FFT). Band alarms enable easy alarm management and improved alarm reliability. For vibration analysis, the monitor uses evaluated vibration measurement analysis (EVAM).


Vibration Analysis
EVAM combines vibration time record analysis and vibration spectrum analysis with machine-specific statistical evaluations to supply easy-to-understand machine condition data. Two-channel simultaneous vibration measurement provides the functionality for root cause analysis. The system is capable of orbit and run-up/coast-down measurements.

The system is comprised of an industrial enclosure, a commander unit and up to four shock pulse, vibration and/or analog measuring units, in total 32 channels. Measurement results are transferred via Ethernet to the diagnostic software.

The condition monitor implements OPC Data Access, through which process control data can be transferred seamlessly to and from any data source, such as DCS or SCADA systems, PLCs, databases, gauges, spreadsheets, etc., to any OPC-compliant application. It is designed for harsh environments and long-term use.

A powerful digital signal processor (DSP) in the commander unit and advanced programming logic offers features such as conditional and triggered measurements, advanced filtering of measurement data, measurement for spectrum analysis under alarm condition only, and multiple-level system and measurement alarms. The operational status of the system is monitored through a system self-diagnostics feature.

The condition monitor is a highly scalable solution and can be tailored to the various needs of different customers and industries.

The system is compatible with other products from the company and may be integrated with existing solutions sharing the same database. It can also be run parallel to portable measuring equipment such as the company's handheld data logger. Measuring techniques can be combined as needed and are sold according to the pay-for-performance concept.

In conjunction with the release of the monitor, SPM also introduces Plant Performer, a decision support module in the software, enabling strategic analysis of the economical impact of maintenance. It provides database statistics and technical key performance indicators of machine condition.

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Mikael Lindfors is manager of business solutions, SPM Instrument AB. For more information, visit www.spminstrument.com or e-mail info@spminstrument.com.

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