New Book Examines Methods, Benefits of Oil Analysis

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Modern manufacturing operations must have reliable equipment to maintain stable delivery schedules and operate with the greatest overall efficiency. This reliability is a key element of overall global competitiveness. To get maximum benefit from advanced maintenance reliability-based operational strategies, an excellent understanding of equipment lubrication is a prerequisite. Machinery Oil Analysis is a unique book that describes the what, when, where and how-to for:

·        Machinery lubrication

·        Machinery failure and maintenance concepts

·        Machinery

·        Fluid and filtration failure modes

·        Oil sampling

·        Oil testing

·        Statistical analysis and data interpretation


The book highlights examples to each step in the sampling, testing and diagnostic process. It also presents the latest advances in technology and instrumentation, including online sensors and their applications.


This practical book is co-published by the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers. STLE’s mission is “to promote the advancement of the science of tribology and the practice of lubrication engineering in order to foster innovation, improve the performance of equipment and products, conserve resources and protect the environment.” A key element in meeting this mission is for the society to provide credible and reliable information like this new edition of Machinery Oil Analysis. Thus, this reference book has current best practices as the technology and knowledge in this growing field continue to evolve for those involved in oil analysis and machinery maintenance.


Both authors of this book are highly knowledgeable and have experience in the field to provide practical, insightful and credible source information to today’s practitioners. Allison Toms, technical director for GasTOPS Inc. in Pensacola, Fla., worked for 25 years as the chief chemist and Science Department head for the U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Oil Analysis Program Technical Support Center, which serves more than 300 laboratories worldwide and where many of today’s condition assessment technologies were developed. Larry Toms developed a computer based system for data management created from failure modes, effects and criticality analysis and the statistical analysis of large corporate oil test databases. Larry has continued to develop advanced systems concepts in condition parameter relationships for railroad, mining, diesel engine and turbine expert systems. 


About STLE
The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers is an international professional organization. Members are concerned with interacting moving surfaces, which results in friction and wear. Understanding friction affects product reliability, maintainability, safety, life, environmental factors and costs. STLE is focused on innovation, education, best practices, cost reduction and environmental improvements. Subjects include but are not limited to such specifics as: processes like surface engineering and wear; components such as gears, grease, seals and hydraulics; materials including metals and fluids; industries; and cross functional: tribotesting, nanotribology, environmentally friendly fluids/biotribology and health and safety.


This book is available at for US $159 to non-members. If you are a member of the society, a member discount applies. 

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