POLARIS to Provide Fluid Analysis for AES Early Failure Detection Centre

Noria news wires, Polaris Laboratories

POLARIS Laboratories, a leader in fluid analysis services in North America, announced March 1 its partnership with United Kingdom-based AES Defence, who provides oil analysis services for more than 1,500 British military vehicles. The company’s Machine Care Plus oil sampling and analysis service monitors equipment condition and usage, identifies signs of distress and alerts appropriate personnel when maintenance action should be taken.

According to AES Defence, the Machine Care Plus service uses oil analysis to reduce support costs by pinpointing potential failures that can be caused by contamination, defective fuel injection and/or cooling systems, excessive component wear or incorrect operating or maintenance procedures.

Brett Minges, POLARIS vice president of sales, said the new partnership is an excellent fit.

“Quality testing and accurate test results lay the foundation for actionable maintenance recommendations that allow for planned, condition-based maintenance,” Minges said. “Performing maintenance based on fluid and equipment condition rather than on pre-determined maintenance intervals or usage not only identifies potential failure but saves money in unnecessary wrench time.”

Recognized for exceptional turnaround time in identifying and controlling contamination, the primary focus of the AES Early Failure Detection Centre is on the assemblies and systems fitted to British Army equipment based in the U.K., Germany, Canada and operations worldwide.

“POLARIS is very proud to know that our services will be contributing to the readiness of the British Military,” said Bryan Debshaw, POLARIS Laboratories CEO. “Our Edmonton facility is experiencing steady growth and is extremely well positioned to accommodate the sample volume AES will add to its production.”

POLARIS Laboratories provides complete testing and analysis for oils, fuels, coolants and water-based industrial fluids. Its customer base is diverse with a heavy emphasis on the oil and gas, transportation, construction and mining industries. Headquartered in Indianapolis since 1999, POLARIS also operates testing facilities in Houston and Salt Lake City. State-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation, highly skilled laboratory technicians and data analysts and an international team of technical sales and service professionals have positioned POLARIS at the forefront of the fluid analysis industry.

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