Entek Rounds Out Condition Monitoring Offerings with Laboratory Analysis

Entek has joined forces with National Tribology Services, Inc. (NTS) to offer an oil analysis lab service called Enlab to complement its current offering of on-site oil analysis and other machine condition monitoring instruments, software, and services. Enlab offers a comprehensive lab service covering all three facets of oil analysis, namely, lube condition, contamination, and machine wear. Enlab offers its customers several beneficial advantages.

  • Routine Use of Rotrode Filter Spectroscopy - Together with traditional spectroscopy, to monitor all the metals in the oil sample, large and small, ferrous and non-ferrous. This approach ensures the effective detection of abnormal machine wear.
  • Root Cause Diagnostics - When a problem is found in any of the three key facets of oil analysis, further testing proceeds immediately to get at the root problem, including the expert application of analytical ferrography.
  • Program Set-Up Software - Software, a strong suit at Entek, is front and center with Enlab’s novel oil analysis set-up wizard. The built-in wizard removes the complexity from selecting advanced laboratory oil analysis tests by assisting the customer to define machine specific test bundles.
  • Sealed Sample Shipping Case - This innovative package provides maximum protection to the samples against contamination. The reusable case is originally sent with useful sampling tools and a fresh set of bottles, labels, and instructions.
  • Special Bundles to Complement On-Site Oil Analysis - Many customers prefer to employ on-site oil analysis instruments for routine monitoring of machine and oil conditions, reserving laboratory testing for periodic analysis of the fluid’s chemical and physical properties and exception testing when on-site oil analysis signals a problem. Enlab is designed to serve the needs of this customer and the traditional customer who prefers to outsource all oil analysis activities.

Why partner with NTS?
Today’s condition monitoring professional requires a simplified solution that incorporates in-house instruments, outsourced services and integrated information management software. Towards that goal, Entek sought the right partner to provide laboratory oil analysis services. NTS has been at the forefront of oil analysis innovation for many years. Pairing a market leading provider of machine condition monitoring instruments and software with a leading oil analysis laboratory seemed a natural fit. NTS’ modern, well-equipped laboratory is located in Massachusetts, on Boston’s high-tech belt. Personal service and prompt turnaround, combined with reasonable pricing, permits Entek to offer a class-leading global oil analysis service.

The lab has considerable experience in monitoring turbines, compressors, gear systems, engines and hydraulic systems in all of the main industrial categories. Entek personnel, with expertise in on-site oil and vibration analysis technology, complement the personnel and talents of NTS. Together, they provide a powerful ally to the maintenance manager who needs a simplified, but robust, condition monitoring solution that meets the organization’s aggressive reliability goals.

Software and Reporting
Enlab is unique in offering a program configurator or wizard that takes the guesswork out of specifying a program and obtaining a quotation. In addition to specifying the required test bundles, the software enable users to enter details about their machines and operating environment. This information is used by both Enlab and NTS personnel to enhance the quality of analysis and diagnostics. The software is available on a CD that includes an interactive
browser with technical information regarding the individual tests in the bundles. The Enlab results can be imported directly into EMONITOR® Odyssey allowing complete integration with other condition monitoring data. Odyssey is recognized as an industry leader for trending machinery condition, and it offers additional value with gateways to Computerized Maintenance Management Software packages. Through Entek’s participation in MIMOSA (forum for open architecture), Entek’s customers will benefit from the Enlab service in conjunction with their existing condition monitoring program. NTS was the first laboratory to participate in MIMOSA.

Quality and Environmental Assurance
Enlab, through NTS, is an independent laboratory with a firm commitment to quality control, with the laboratory currently conforming to ISO Guide 25 for laboratory testing, and is certified to ISO 9002. NTS participates in the ASTM Crosscheck program, as well as other round robin programs to ensure that the reported data is valid and reliable.

Professional Staff
NTS personnel include engineers, chemists and laboratory technicians, with undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in mechanical, materials and metallurgical engineering. Professional backgrounds include extensive experience in laboratory analysis instrumentation, heat transfer and fluid flow, naval and marine engineering, process control and environmental science. Entek maintains associations within the CM industries and professional bodies as well as roles on various committees including ISO. Members of National Tribology’s staff maintain membership and participate with the following professional organizations: Society for Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE), American Society for Materials (ASM), American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

To learn more about this new service, contact the Enlab coordinator at Entek:

Corporate Headquarters
1700 Edison Drive
Milford Ohio, 45150-2729 USA
Phone: 1-800-888-6150
Fax: 614-885-7668
Email: enlabsales@entek.com

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