Kluber to Showcase Gear-oil Products at WINDPOWER Show

Noria news wires

Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, will showcase three significant gear-oil products for the wind power industry at the WINDPOWER 2010 trade show during May 23 through 26 in Dallas. Following extensive R&D and a comprehensive test program, the company has developed a line of products to meet the severe requirements of gear oil for wind turbine drives:

  • Klübersynth GEM 4 N series (polyalphaolefin)
  • Klübersynth GH 6 series (polyglycol)
  • Klübersynth GEM 2 series (rapidly biodegradable ester)

Klübersynth lubricants provide excellent wear protection and resistance to micro-pitting, foaming and residue formation. Compared to standard gear oil, these products show good resistance to ageing, high load-carrying capacity, and low friction values. Consequently, oil change intervals may be increased while improving the efficiency and overall life of turbine components. 

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