Simrit Develops New Radial Shaft Seal Material for Industrial Gears

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Simrit has created an advanced fluoroelastomer material (75 FKM 260466) to address the compatibility requirements of synthetic lubricants used in industrial gears. The new material, a wear-resistant FKM, was developed for use in radial shaft seals that interact with aggressive oils in various industrial gearbox sealing applications.

FKM material blends are commonly used in applications containing synthetic oils because they offer superior high-temperature and chemical resistance compared to other material blends. However, when previous blends encountered synthetic oils, they could demonstrate wear and material degradation, reducing the service life of the entire application.

"In order to make full use of the advantages of high-performance polyglycol-based lubricants in industrial gears, we had to develop a solution that could withstand the aggressive nature of these oils," said Joel Johnson, Simrit’s global vice president of technology. "Our Simrit material experts developed a tailor-made polymer structure that extended previous FKM material limits, focusing on the wear behavior and tightness of a sealing material."

Simrit's wear-resistant FKM material provides a high level of wear resistance when in contact with synthetic oils and excellent resistance properties over the service life of radial shaft seals across many temperature and load ranges. Developed and tested according to Six Sigma quality principles, Simrit's new FKM material has the potential to extend the service life and decrease the downtime of industrial gear applications. Due to a new mixing method, the material also can be processed in existing injection-molding process equipment.

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