PerkinElmer Introduces OilExpress 4 and OilPrep 4

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PerkinElmer Inc. recently announced the introduction of its OilExpress 4 and OilPrep 4 systems for faster oil analysis.

The OilExpress 4 system features a high-performance Spectrum Two FTIR spectrometer and multi-tip sampling capabilities with a synchronized multi-tasking autosampler. The system is designed to monitor for contaminants and degradation products in oil, providing early warning and identification of component failures within an engine as well as breakdown of the lubricant material itself. This early warning can help prolong the lifetime of engines by enabling operators to perform the necessary maintenance at optimal intervals.

The system also enables a reduction in cost per sample and a diminished environmental impact by delivering up to 100 samples per hour, as well as an 80-percent reduction in solvent and waste volumes compared to previous models.

“The new OilExpress 4 system joins the power of the Spectrum Two FTIR analytical instrument with the scalability of the JANUS automated liquid-handling platform for increased sample throughput,” said Dusty Tenney, PerkinElmer’s president of analytical sciences and laboratory services. “This instrument ensures improved oil and lubricant analysis to help our customers maintain engine functionality.”

The OilExpress 4 platform includes technology to optimize the analysis speed for oils of differing viscosity along with optional sensors for the determination of liquid heights in sample containers. The system is operated by application-specific software that incorporates industry standard methods of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP).

The OilPrep 4 system automatically dilutes oil samples for the analysis of wear and additive metals by utilizing inductively coupled plasma (ICP). The system is capable of diluting up to 250 samples per hour using multiple disposable tips, which eliminates tip washing and cross-contamination.

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