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PAC recently announced the release of its next-generation PetroSpec QuickSpec, a portable analyzer that delivers fast and accurate analysis of ethanol and water in gasoline blends.

The latest QuickSpec analyzer expands its analysis range of ethanol to 0.1 to 100 volume percent, which is crucial for ethanol blending in gasoline and for measuring purity of fuel-grade ethanol. Water can still be measured from 0.01 to 5 volume percent.

The QuickSpec performs analysis using near-infrared spectroscopy and provides accurate results down to tenths of volume percent. It is also fully automated, which makes it easy for non-technical personnel to use.

Unlike the current standard ASTM method (D5501), which uses gas chromatography to analyze the ethanol content and can generally be performed only in the lab, the QuickSpec’s portable design enables operators to determine the purity of the denatured ethanol being delivered to the terminal, in the refinery or to the blending tank, as well as the ethanol and water levels in finished gasoline blends.

By combining two tests (ethanol and water) into one, which would normally require two separate analytical instruments, the QuickSpec reduces total analysis time from around 45 minutes to less than 30 seconds.

“With the global consumption of fuel-grade ethanol on the rise, it is necessary for our customers to determine ethanol purity to ensure that the resulting blended fuel is uniform in quality and meets regulatory requirements,” says Larry Spino, PAC PetroSpec product manager. “With the expanded ethanol range analysis, PAC customers can now quickly and accurately measure ethanol and water throughout the fuel-blending process, which helps them ensure end-product quality is within spec and meets industry standards.”

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