Tan Delta Honored with Made in Sheffield Award

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Tan Delta Systems Limited recently received the prestigious "Made in Sheffield" award in recognition of the advances the company has made in the field of oil condition monitoring and its continued commitment to engineering quality and excellence.

Sheffield is renowned on the international stage as a center of excellence for companies from a range of different industries, including advanced manufacturing, materials technology and specialist steel. The "Made in Sheffield" award is a way of recognizing those organizations that exemplify this commitment to quality and excellence within their field.

"We are extremely proud to have been awarded the 'Made in Sheffield' mark," said Chris Greenwood, managing director of Tan Delta. "This is a significant milestone in the company’s growth and recognizes the advances that we have made in the field of oil condition monitoring."

Tan Delta Systems Limited is a specialist liquid condition-monitoring system development and manufacturing company based in Sheffield, England. It uses patented technology to design, develop and manufacture a range of oil quality sensing products that enable equipment operators to reduce costs through improved efficiencies.

The company's OQS Sensor was created specifically for use on critical plant machinery and equipment. It is designed to be permanently mounted within any lubrication system and on any type of machine. The sensor offers real-time monitoring of water ingress and oxidation levels using a combination of dielectric sensing and smart algorithms to provide trend analysis, enabling immediate action before any harm is done to the machine or the oil.

For more information, visit www.tandeltasystems.com.

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