GM Expands Dexron Line of Lubricants

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General Motors is expanding its Dexron driveline lubricant products beyond transmission fluid and gear oil to include a comprehensive family of fluids designed to protect and prolong the life of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles.

The expanded Dexron product lineup will include automatic transmission fluid, gear oil, manual transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, power steering fluid and traction drive fluid.

"Unlike unlicensed products, including some that erroneously use the 'Dexron' name, GM-licensed Dexron driveline oils and lubricants assure our customers of certified quality," said Roy Fewkes, GM fuels and lubricants engineer. "Customers should look for the new logo before they purchase transmission, differential and other driveline fluids. By doing so, customers can be confident they are purchasing a product that meets GM's stringent specifications."

In addition to manual transmission fluid, Dexron offers two varieties of automatic transmission fluid, including Standard Dexron VI and Dexron HP, for high-performance engines. Dexron gear oils include GO 75W90 for open differentials and GO LS 75W90 for plate limited-slip differentials. Likewise, Dexron's power steering and traction drive fluids are designed to make the most of the performance of their namesake systems and protect them from wear.

"Our Dexron lubricants are engineered to ensure optimal performance under the most severe driving conditions," said Rodney Black, GM director of powertrain engineering. "Our customers see the direct effects of these efforts in a variety of ways, including longer life of vehicle components and better fuel economy."

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