Fluitec Unveils New Tool for Lubricant Condition Monitoring

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Fluitec recently introduced a new lubrication failure-mode diagnostic tool designed to provide a window into the health of lubricants. The RULER View is a technological advancement of Fluitec's flagship condition-monitoring product, the RULER, a patented technology to determine the remaining useful life of lubricants.

With features such as a microphone for real-time dictation of data relevant to the sample and an integrated camera to capture an image of the Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) patch when testing for varnish potential, the RULER View is built for harsh industrial environments yet weighs only 3 pounds. It also includes Wi-Fi connectivity for software upgrades and product support as well as a built-in report template and integrated software.

"Oil analysis has proven to be a very effective predictive technology in the reliability toolbox," said Fluitec's Jo Ameye. "One of the keys to this success is performing the right test at the right time. This allows one to extract as much actionable information from the sample as possible."

The RULER technology has received strong industry support over the last 15 years with four ASTM standards (D7590, D6971, D6810 and D7527) written around it as well as industry guidelines (ASTM D4378, D6244 and DIN - VGB M416). Major equipment manufacturers such as Siemens and GE recommend RULER testing as part of a condition-monitoring program.

In addition, most oil and additive manufacturers use the RULER technology as both a condition monitoring and research tool to gain further insights into their lubricant formulations. 

For more information, visit www.fluitec.com.

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