API Expands Motor Oil Matters Program

Noria news wires

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has launched a nationwide effort to raise consumer awareness and help expand the impact of the Motor Oil Matters (MOM) initiative. MOM, which complements API's current oil-quality certification and monitoring program, was created to bring consumers and all parts of the motor oil business together to ensure drivers get the right motor oil for their cars and trucks.

Through the program's consumer advocacy, MOM will help reaffirm the confidence and trust that the motoring public has in oil change locations and the products they pour into vehicles. Recently, MOM has teamed up with nationally recognized automotive expert and author Lauren Fix, "The Car Coach," to spread the message of the importance of high-quality motor oil standards.

"Whether it's through our social-media channels or national news recognition, educating drivers is the cornerstone for the Motor Oil Matters program," said API's Kevin Ferrick. "Through education, drivers become more well-informed consumers, which in turn will help them protect one of their biggest investments, their vehicles."

The MOM program engages consumers through its various social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The MOM Facebook page provides useful content that empowers consumers to make smart decisions for their vehicles, along with updates on promotions and service offerings.

To join Motor Oil Matters or for more information on the benefits of using high-quality motor oil, visit www.MotorOilMatters.org.

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