Green4All Energy Solutions Unveils New Oil Additive

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Green4All Energy Solutions recently announced a new high-tech oil and lubricant additive for a wide range of applications, from professional race drivers and commercial truck fleets to motor and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

G4Xtreme is a unique supplement that is designed to enhance any engine's overall performance and efficiency. It bonds to metal surfaces and becomes a boundary lubricant, enabling the oil to do its job better while reducing friction and metal wear. In extensive testing, the supplement has demonstrated an ability to boost horsepower while saving on fuel and enhancing engine endurance.

The properties of G4Xtreme allow it to be used with all blends and types of automotive oils. It has the same viscosity ranges and tolerances of recommended automotive oils and does not contain harmful additives such as Teflon, silicon, zinc or graphite.

Blended to meet engine manufacturer specifications, G4Xtreme will not void engine warranties or standard service agreements. It is compatible with all engines and offers a reduction in operating temperatures while extending the life of engines, differentials, manual transmissions and power steering.

"I think G4Xtreme is unique because it has something for everyone – professional drivers, recreational and commercial," said Dan Handley, Green4All Energy Solutions president and CEO. "The performance boost is something pros need and enthusiasts want to have. That businesses using G4Xtreme can accurately market themselves as 'green' is just a bonus feature for a lot of companies and opens up for them new customer opportunities."

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