TestOil Introduces Oil Analysis Report Interpretation App

Noria news wires

TestOil recently launched a new mobile application for oil analysis report interpretation. The PocketAnalyst is a reference tool that provides analyst insights, alarm parameters and possible sources and effects.

It was developed to offer users recommendations for typical oil analysis problems. The content was written by TestOil's team of experienced analysts.

Users can also utilize the app to communicate directly with TestOil's expert help desk to get assistance with report interpretation or any other oil analysis questions.

"The app was designed to help users go beyond basic report interpretation by providing guidance and insight into typical oil analysis issues," explained Michael Barrett, vice president of sales and marketing for TestOil. "It's like having a TestOil analyst in your pocket helping you decide how, when and why to take action with your oil analysis results."

The creation of the app is in line with the company's commitment to continually offer information and education to help oil analysis users solve problems.

Operated by Insight Services, TestOil is a full-service oil testing laboratory that provides a range of oil analysis services to assist reliability engineers with condition monitoring and identification of machine wear. 

For more information, visit www.testoil.com.

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