Fluitec Introduces New Gear Oil

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Fluitec recently introduced a new environmentally sustainable gear oil developed specifically for the wind industry.

Breeze 320 is designed for the heavy-duty gear environment of wind turbine main gears as well as oil-lubricated rolling bearings that exceed the minimum requirements of DIN 51517-3.

"Breeze 320 eliminates the costs of oil changes and up-tower flushing, making this a very strong alternative to current maintenance options," said Fluitec CEO Frank Magnotti. "We're excited both about the opportunities that lie ahead as well as to bring a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly option to the wind energy market."

The company estimates that upgrading to Breeze 320 can lower lubricant consumption by up to 75 percent over the life of a wind turbine, which translates to 10 tons of carbon dioxide not being released into the atmosphere. In addition, preventing oil changes helps to avoid an environmentally risky activity that often involves oil spills.

"Breeze is up-tower tested and OEM gearbox approved," noted Cristian Soto, Fluitec's science and technology director. "We feel confident that this product can yield more than 15 years of service life when used with our Boost product."

Fluitec's Tribo-Analytics platform comes standard with Breeze 320, allowing customers to better predict gearbox failures and monitor lubricant health. The predictive data analytics platform contains a large oil analysis database linked to operational data, which enables Fluitec to better forecast oil degradation.

For more information, visit www.fluitec.com.

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