Shell to Build Concept Car

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Shell recently announced that it will be collaborating with automotive experts Gordon Murray Design and engine specialists Geo Technology to co-engineer the design and build of a concept city car.

The car, which is scheduled to be unveiled in November 2015, is intended to be a simple, practical global city car that combines the most innovative aspects of lightweight engineering, streamlining and driveline efficiency.

Shell will provide the fuel, transmission fluids and greases for the car, specifically designing a motor oil that complements and enhances the overall efficiency of the vehicle. Once built, the car will be tested on the road but is not meant for production.

The Shell car will be a ground-up, total re-think of the Gordon Murray Design T.25 car developed in 2010 using specially formulated Shell lubricants. When tested, the concept lubricant reduced urban-cycle fuel consumption by up to 6.5 percent.

"Since working with the Gordon Murray Design team on the T.25 car in 2010, we have given further thought on how to deliver a complete rethink of the car, using as little energy as possible," says Selda Gunsel, Shell's vice president of lubricant technology. "We believe this Shell car will demonstrate how efficient a car can be when Shell works in harmony with vehicle and engine makers during design and build, supplying fuels and lubricants technical expertise."

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