Valvoline Introduces New High-mileage Motor Oil

Noria news wires

Valvoline recently introduced a new synthetic motor oil intended to protect high-mileage vehicles from engine breakdowns. The Full Synthetic High Mileage motor oil with MaxLife technology guards against the three major causes of engine stress: heat, deposits and wear.

Formulated with a full synthetic base oil and a premium chemistry to stand up to extreme temperatures, the new motor oil is designed to flow when the engine is cool and maintain its protection barrier as engine temperatures rise.

The oil's antioxidant additives help to reduce oil viscosity breakdown to prevent engine-clogging sludge and deposit formation. Special seal conditioners rejuvenate seals within the engine block to help prevent oil leaks that lead to sludge and deposits. Extra detergents chemically bond with and remove existing sludge and deposits, while additional friction-reducing additives help to reduce abrasion within the engine. The advanced anti-wear additives also stay in the oil longer for protection against friction and wear.

In addition to providing more anti-wear film, the motor oil has been proven to reduce fuel consumption while ensuring emissions systems compatibility.

The Full Synthetic High Mileage motor oil meets the performance requirements of most naturally aspirated, turbocharged and supercharged cars operating in North America.

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