Polaris Releases New Oil Analysis App

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Polaris Laboratories recently released a new mobile app for viewing and managing oil analysis data anywhere, anytime.

The Horizon Mobile app, which is designed for devices running iOS 8 and higher, features a customizable push notification feature that users can adjust by fluid type and severity level. Alerts lead users to a sample report summary with the overall severity and maintenance recommendations. The full report also can be downloaded as a PDF to analyze wear metals and trending data.   

"Maintenance personnel need sample results with them in the field or on the plant floor, not tucked away in the maintenance office," said Bryan Debshaw, Polaris Laboratories' chief executive officer. "Horizon Mobile pushes alerts to users so they can save and extend the life of their equipment before serious damage occurs."

Polaris plans to upgrade the Horizon app this fall so users can submit sample data through the app itself, avoiding hours of paperwork by entering the equipment hours while standing next to the equipment.

In addition, Polaris will soon be expanding the mobile app to Android devices. Horizon Mobile is currently available for download in the Apple App Store.

For more information, visit www.polarislabs.com.

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