MetroLube Earns API Certification

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The American Petroleum Institute (API) recently announced that MetroLube, a motor oil distributor headquartered in Staten Island, New York, has been licensed under the API's Motor Oil Matters (MOM) program. API awarded the licenses after MetroLube demonstrated the company's compliance with API's motor oil chain-of-custody standard.

"MOM's mission is to make sure consumers are receiving only the best quality motor oil in their cars and trucks," said Kevin Ferrick, API's engine oil licensing and certification system manager. "In the end, much of this depends on distributors like MetroLube. The MOM certification confirms that MetroLube is properly storing, labeling and distributing quality oils."

MetroLube provides motor oil to a wide range of installers from lube centers and car dealers to heavy-duty lubricant customers.

Motor Oil Matters is a consumer education and protection program run by the American Petroleum Institute. API relies on MOM to promote the benefits of API-quality motor oils and ensure consumers know the brand, viscosity grade and performance level of the motor oils installed in their cars and trucks. MOM’s goal is to make sure consumers get the right motor oil for their cars and trucks every time.

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