Houghton Unveils New Fluid Monitors

Noria news wires

Houghton International recently launched two new fluid equipment solutions to provide manufacturers with greater control of fluid quality and concentration.

The Greenlight Continuous Concentration Monitor and the Acts Fluid Monitor and Control System offer advances in the control of vital water-based metal-cutting fluids, cleaners, aqueous quenchants, water-glycol hydraulic fluids and offshore fluids. 

The Greenlight fluid monitor is a completely self-contained measurement system that provides continuous concentration monitoring of metalworking fluids. Its small, modular design enables continuous monitoring of fluid concentration using state-of-the art refractive index sensor technology with a user-friendly interface. 

The Acts Fluid Monitor and Control System is a fully integrated system that also measures pH, temperature, conductivity and other fluid properties, as well as concentration via refractive index. It offers automatic concentration control capability by independently controlling six separate programmable relay outputs for additions of water, fluid concentrates or additives.    

"These innovative, robust and flexible systems not only deliver control, but more importantly yield the operational and financial benefits of a well-managed system, including longer tool life, reduced use of additives, and lower maintenance, metalworking fluid and waste treatment costs," said Dianne Carmody, Houghton Americas marketing director.

For more information, visit www.houghtonintl.com.

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