Spectro Analytical Unveils New Spectrometer

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Spectro Analytical Instruments recently introduced the latest version of its SpectroBlue inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) for laboratory analysis in industrial and environmental applications.

Updated with a new generator, the analyzer utilizes UV-Plus gas purification technology as well as an OPI-AIR interface to avoid costly external water cooling.

The laterally diffused metal-oxide semiconductor generator can deliver up to 1,700 watts of power. Unlike traditional power sources, the generator has no parts subject to wear, minimizing time and expense.

Samples can also be analyzed in smaller dilutions for lower limits of detection. Other benefits include a faster warmup time for greater productivity.

Depending on its intended use, the spectrometer is available with three versions of the plasma interface: SpectroBlue EOP for analysis of trace elements in industrial and environmental applications; SpectroBlue SOP for examining organic solutions and slurries; and SpectroBlue TI for analyzing sodium, potassium or calcium in wastewater or soil matrices.

The optional machine-to-machine support allows for proactive alerts, which are backed by a connection to a remote service expert’s computer. AMECARE services are also offered to help ensure uninterrupted performance and a maximum return on investment over the life of the spectrometer.

For more information, visit www.spectro.com.

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