Stanhope-Seta Introduces New Flash Point Testers

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Stanhope-Seta recently introduced a new range of flash point testers to allow operators to quickly and reliably test oil samples.

Designed to provide a cost-effective and simple way to perform flash point tests in-house, the Setaflash Series 3 Testers are suitable for laboratory or portable tests and are ideal for use where space is limited.

The compact instruments feature a simple user interface with color digital display and touchscreen icons that guide the operator through a straightforward testing process.

Using Stanhope-Seta’s latest technology, a test typically takes less than 2 minutes to perform and requires just 2 milliliters of test sample, keeping waste and costs to a minimum.

Each tester determines whether a sample will flash at a specified temperature. The small-scale test methods include ASTM D3828, D3278, ISO3679 and many others which are widely specified. These methods offer advantages over traditional flash point tests by incorporating a small sample size, rapid test time and ease of use.

For simple record-keeping, the testers have a 1-gigabyte memory that stores up to 100,000 test results, which can then be transferred via a USB for data analysis or printing from a computer.

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