Saudi Aramco Launches Base Oil Business

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Saudi Aramco recently announced its intention to enter the base oil business as part of its efforts to optimize the value of its petroleum molecules and grow its refining and chemicals portfolio.

The company has been integrating its downstream business in refining and marketing, in which petrochemicals and differentiated products play a major role.

Saudi Aramco recently finalized its passenger car motor oil (PCMO) program and expects the completion of its heavy-duty motor oil (HDMO) program within the year. The company also announced the launch of three base oil brands: AramcoDURA, AramcoPRIMA and AramcoULTRA.

"We are very excited to launch our base oil brands and intend to streamline our base oil strategy, capitalizing on Saudi Aramco's vast experience in the oil industry, its renowned reputation of high-quality products and its prominent position worldwide in meeting customer's needs," said Al-Hadrami, Saudi Aramco's vice president of international operations. "We will also build on the tremendous base oil industry experience within our affiliates, which spans several decades."

Saudi Aramco is exploring further synergies among its affiliates with respect to their base oil offerings along with streamlining the marketing of these offerings to better serve customers. To advance these synergies, the company successfully completed a technical program based on 15 applications covering industry needs that include American Petroleum Institute (API) engine oil requirements.

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