Valvoline Launches New Synthetic Motor Oil

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Valvoline recently unveiled a new synthetic motor oil specifically engineered to protect against carbon buildup in gasoline direct injection (GDI), turbo and other modern engines.

Valvoline Modern Engine Full Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated to extend engine life by protecting against oil oxidation and viscosity breakdown. The oil exceeds industry standards for protection against carbon buildup, wear, sludge and extreme temperatures while also offering protection against knocking and catastrophic engine failure caused by low-speed pre-ignition.

"As part of our full synthetic portfolio, Modern Engine will combat potential carbon buildup in newer engines – an issue that degrades vehicle performance," said Heidi Matheys, Valvoline's chief marketing officer. "Most consumers are unaware that the issue even exists, even though it has the potential to impact roughly 100 million newer vehicles on the road today."

Engines manufactured since 2012 tend to run hotter and are more susceptible to developing low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) knocking due to abnormal combustion, as well as fuel- and oil-related carbon buildup. These issues can lead to power and fuel economy loss and ultimately to engine breakdown.

"Valvoline Modern Engine captures key learnings from extensive research on how motor oil formulation — namely oil properties and additive composition — not only influence but can actually help prevent the formation of carbon deposits in the newest engine models," said Fran Lockwood, Valvoline’s chief technology officer. "Our research indicates that Modern Engine provides 30 percent better protection against carbon buildup than industry standards."

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