Poseidon Launches New Fluid Monitoring System

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Poseidon Systems recently released its next-generation fluid monitoring system to help detect mechanical failures at the earliest possible point.

The Trident Fluid Quality Monitoring System (FQMS) 2.0 is designed to monitor fluid quality in real time, allowing for estimations of a fluid’s remaining useful life as well as condition-based oil changes. It is intended for the most critical equipment within mining, off-highway vehicles, power generation, marine and other applications.

The system is anchored by the Trident AP2200 edge device and Poseidon Live (PSL), the company’s cloud-based monitoring software. The Trident AP2200 is capable of integrating most wireless sensors and wired digital/analog sensors, while PSL is currently monitoring the fluid of more than 2,500 assets. An updated PSL 2.0 will be released later in 2019.

Installation of the FQMS 2.0 and Poseidon’s other industrial internet of things (IIoT) fluid solutions are expected to increase by 3,500 new installations in 2019.

"The FQMS 2.0 is the result of years of development and testing in partnership with our customers," said Mark Redding, president of Poseidon Systems. "One major request we received was the capability to expand the system based on our customers’ unique needs. Beyond our base offering, we have developed a true industrial IoT platform that can integrate a number of other sensors to expand monitoring to a greater number of components on the asset."

For more information, visit www.poseidonsys.com.

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