Champion Unveils New Fluids for Electric, Hybrid Vehicles

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Champion Brands recently introduced new fluids specially designed to meet the lubrication needs of current and next-generation hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs).

The EVolution X Fluid for light vehicles and EVolution XX Fluid for heavy vehicles are intended to provide lubrication while limiting wear, oxidation and corrosion. Along with thermal protection, they include friction properties for smooth gear shifting as well as stable dielectric properties regardless of harsh operating conditions, such as particle abrasion, humidity, rising temperatures and oxidation.

Both fluids are compatible with copper coils and different types of polymer materials to avoid swelling, breakage, corrosion, etc. They also are insulating to prevent arcing and to protect against static electricity.

Anti-wear, anti-foaming and air-release properties are incorporated into the fluids to help support the durability of high-speed gears and rolling bearings over the life of the vehicle.

The EVolution X and XX fluid ranges also offer pumpability at very low temperatures and provide temperature control for fast charging.

In addition, Champion recently unveiled the EVolution X 3/4 Brake Fluid, which is also formulated specifically for the needs of electric and hybrid vehicles.

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