Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Software for Lubricant Analysis

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Thermo Fisher Scientific recently introduced new software to provide faster lubricant analysis results and simplify sample quality control. The NanoDrop QC Software natively runs chemometric methods and can offer results in as little as 10 seconds.

The new software can be used in combination with the NanoDrop OneC Spectrophotometer to quickly and accurately measure the concentration of different components that make up liquid samples. It also extends the company’s spectrophotometer product line to a wide range of industries, such as petrochemical companies, adhesive and lubricant manufacturers, and food dye producers.

Designed to automatically shorten pedestal pathlengths based on sample absorbance, the NanoDrop OneC Spectrophotometer allows users to measure highly concentrated samples without the need for dilution. This can help save time during sample preparation and reduce the cost of using and disposing of large quantities of solvents needed to dilute samples.

"The NanoDrop OneC is poised to save industrial customers an enormous amount of time," said Karnel Walker, global business director of ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy at Thermo Fisher Scientific. "With the ability to quickly verify the quality of their samples, spectroscopists may spend less time on data analysis and more time on method development."

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