Liqui Moly Launches New Premium Motor Oil

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Liqui Moly recently introduced a new motor oil for modern gasoline engines. Special Tec AA 0W-16 is a premium low-friction oil formulated to provide protection against wear, reduce oil and fuel consumption, maintain engine cleanliness, and ensure fast oil penetration.  

It is intended for select models from Honda, Lexus, Suzuki and Toyota, especially where there are long intervals between oil changes and significant engine requirements.

Along with high shear stability, wear resistance, and high- and low-temperature performance, the 0W-16 oil promotes long engine service life, instant lubrication after cold starts, smooth engine running and optimum oil pressure under all operating conditions.

In addition, the oil meets the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute’s SN Plus + RC classification and the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee’s GF-5 specification. It has also been tested for turbochargers and catalytic converters.  

The oil’s low viscosity means less engine power is needed to pump the oil, which lowers fuel consumption and emission levels.

“This is the lowest viscosity oil that we have ever launched,” explains Tim Keller, export area manager at Liqui Moly. "0W-16 oils are still very much a niche product, but technologically they are very interesting."

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