Analysts Inc. Assures Equipment Productivity

Analysts, Inc.'s wide range of laboratory tests and customer services allow those responsible for equipment productivity to monitor the condition of machinery and more effectively predict impending maintenance.

The services offered to industry by Analysts, Inc. since 1960 identify the condition of lubricants and component wear trends to help schedule routine maintenance procedures and prevent costly breakdowns. Analysts furnishes diagnostic evaluations and maintenance solutions for industrial production machinery and for equipment used in power generation, the marine, construction, mining, trucking, transit and aircraft industries.

An independent analytical testing organization, Analysts operates four regional laboratories in the U.S. and one in Tokyo. The company employs qualified and experienced lab technicians and data analysts focusing on predictive maintenance and tribology. Each lab provides customers with advanced, accurate test results, detailed data reports and maintenance consulting for customers to understand the conditions and events taking place inside any lubricated component.

Comprehensive Analytical Testing
Data on equipment condition, contamination, and the physical properties of lubricants are generated using sophisticated analysis procedures, including ASTM, ICP-AES, EPA, ISO, LEM®, and proprietary methods. Senior chemists spearhead ASTM services at each lab. Data analysts include mechanical and electrical engineers, and chemists. Four data analysts are STLE Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS).

Spectrochemical analysis of 21 metallic elements that may be present in lubricants represents the cornerstone of Analysts' services. These elements identify corrosion metals, wear metals, dirt, and coolant contamination. They also help monitor lubricant additive packages to ensure proper use and protection for mechanical systems and equipment.

A range of tests measure the physical properties of lubricants and fluids. Viscosity, total acid number, and water content are customarily measured. Tests for fuel dilution, TBN, LEM® soot measurement, oxidation and nitration may also be recommended and performed on a regular basis.

Analysts also performs particle count analysis, ferrography, dissolved gas analysis (DGA), RBOT testing, and many more sophisticated analytical procedures as required.

Emphasis on Support and Services
Analysts' service begins with field engineers assisting customers to determine proper sampling programs and maintenance strategies.

Within 24 hours after receipt of oil samples, lab technicians complete prescribed tests. Data analysts study test results to detect contaminants or abnormal wear rates, and to determine the serviceability of the fluids for continued use.

Combining sample data with a database containing extensive specifications on lubricants, fluids, equipment and components, Analysts' experts evaluate the condition of the machine and lubricant and suggest specific corrective actions. Should abnormal or critical conditions be detected, the customer is immediately called to discuss test results.

Analysts' lab reports are automatically faxed or mailed to specific customer locations. Alternatively, customers can electronically download the data through the Analysts' Windows-based LOAMS® software.

A Pioneer in Oil Analysis
Analysts' experience in equipment diagnostics through oil analysis has led to numerous innovations in products and customer services. Below are just a few:





• Analysts owns and operates four laboratories in the U.S. to serve customers on a regional basis, thus increasing customer service and sample turnaround. These labs are located in regional industrial centers of Houston, Chicago, Oakland, and Atlanta.

• Analysts employs a nationwide network of maintenance specialists, expert in oil analysis, who help establish customized oil and fluid sampling programs, provide the training, and implement programs and follow-up services to ensure oil analysis delivers a positive return on investment to customers.

• Analysts, Inc. is distinguished by the fact that each of the company's four U.S. labs has been individually certified for quality under ISO 9002.

• Analysts performs nuclear-grade analysis in strict accordance with the requirements of 10 CFR50, Appendix B, the federal standard for quality programs in commercial nuclear power facilities.

• Customers may elect to receive any of up to eight different management reports that summarize activities and performance over specific periods.

• Analysts' Lube Oil Analysis Management System® (LOAMS®), a PC software program, allows customers access to their account information directly from the company's database. Users can download, merge, export and manipulate current and historical data.

• To help control the effectiveness and regularity of sampling programs, the company can automatically send preprinted labels to each customer location for components that are due to be sampled.

• Analysts has developed a range of sampling accessories and devices for specific applications. Supplies include every item technicians need to implement and facilitate sampling efforts.

• In 1991, Analysts, Inc. formed its own analytical and applications research division. This corporate investment is instrumental in developing new technologies and procedures, including the Light Extinction Measurement® (LEM®) testing for measuring soot levels in diesel engines.

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