Vibration Analyzer Performs Multiple Tasks

Diagnostic Instruments launches the Di-440, a new concept in vibration analysis instrumentation. The Di-440 redefines traditional approaches to vibration analysis, simplifying the process for those involved in industrial maintenance, servicing and inspection or the manufacture of rotating and reciprocating machinery.

The manufacturer has combined the latest handheld computing technology with a flexible range of analysis modules to create a multifunctional easy-to-use tool.

The Concept

The Di-440 provides a simple, user-friendly instrument for a wide range of maintenance, inspection and analysis applications. In effect, it combines several instruments into one rugged handheld device. The Di-440 allows the user the flexibility to choose from a range of test and analysis applications.

These modular tools include a user configurable conformance checker that utilizes existing ISO/BS/ANSI standards or can be customized by the user, allowing him to create his own standards. Further applications include a spectrum analyzer with an easy-to-use phase vector readout, dual plane static and dynamic balancing and a recorder/data logger module.

The key to the Di-440’s flexibility is its modular approach to analysis. Users can select the applications they require, creating an instrument tailored to their needs. Further modules can be installed later if requirements change, ensuring a flexible upgrade path without having to invest in new hardware.

Unique Features

The user-friendly setup of the Di-440 is its key to success. Each application features on-screen help and provides a set of instructions. Images or engineering drawings of actual machinery and transducer drawings can be downloaded onto the Di-440 to ensure that measurements are taken correctly.

To meet the needs of the consultant, the Di-440 allows a hardcopy to be sent directly to a portable printer while still in the field. Data can also be imported directly into Excel for reporting and graphical representations without the need for additional software.

The Hardware

At the core of the Di-440 lies a cutting-edge mobile computer. This handheld PC incorporates the same technologies as the leading commercial PDA devices currently available, including a 400 MHz Xscale processor and large internal flash memory. The result is a powerful device with rapid processing power capable of taking high-resolution measurements.

The Di-440’s large color display is readable in any lighting condition. The instrument also utilizes Microsoft’s Windows operating system, thus providing seamless connectivity into the PC environment. Data is easily transferred using ActiveSync and high-speed USB comms. The large 64-megabyte internal memory and the choice of SD/MMC, CF or PCMICA external storage options ensure problem-free data storage.

The rugged Di-440 has a multiple two-meter drop test rating and IP 65 sealing to protect against dust and water ingress.

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