Oil Quality Analyzer for Changing Oil by Quality

Gangzhu Zhang, Tianhou Electronic-Technology Co. Rui Ahang, Tianhou Electronic-Technology Co.

The recently released Oil Quality Analyzer provides on-site oil analysts with a new, efficient and rapid method for assessing changing oil condition.

In the 1980s, researchers in China began to develop the oil quality analyzer, which uses a dielectric constant differential method for analyzing oil health and contaminant. Recently the oil quality analyzer had reached performance levels of similar products in other countries relating to design structure, specification and function, according to the manufacturer.

Changes in the following properties can be generally measured with the unit:

  1. Increase in rate of wear debris generation.
  2. Change in acid number and base number.
  3. Increase in water content.
  4. Changed viscosity.
  5. Decreasing flash point.

Lubrication experts generally agree that monitoring changes in viscosity, wear particles, acid number, base number and water content is important to managing lubricant and machine health. By monitoring the change of dielectric constant, an estimate of the composite change in wear particles, acid number, base number and water content can be obtained. This will help one to better assess the level of bulk oil contamination.

According to the manufacturer, the oil quality analyzer is both quick and reliable as a screening tool, conquering the disadvantages of multiparameter, multi-instrument routine testing of used oils analysis.

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