Machinery Lubrication February 2019

Featured Article

William Jacobyansky, Strategic Maintenance Consortium

Discover the benefits of having a knowledgeable and well-trained lubrication technician as well as the qualities to look for when filling this key position.

Torki Ibrahim, Yanbu Cement Co.

This case study details how the Yanbu Cement Co. successfully managed its lubrication program and achieved a 60 percent reduction in lubricant procurement for 2017.

Al Smiley, GPM Hydraulic Consulting

If your hydraulic systems are not meeting the recommended cleanliness levels, your filters may not be in the proper locations.

Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

Like most condition monitoring methods, blotter spot testing can add information or data to help answer questions about machine health and lubricant condition.

Bennett Fitch, Noria Corporation

Improper maintenance is the primary reason for lubrication failures today. Learn how documented procedures for every lubrication task can offer a solution and directly benefit the bottom line.

Loren Green

Never assume new oil is fit for use right out of the container. In many cases, the lubricants you receive are several cleanliness codes dirtier than what should go into the equipment.

Matthew Adams, Noria Corporation

For a successful lubrication program, you must develop and sustain a flourishing reliability culture. From identifying stakeholders and evaluating the program’s status to establishing goals …

Lubrication has been a priority for Ricardo Peruchi since 2004 when he began studying why scrap-processing equipment was failing prematurely. In 2013, he moved to the Gerdau steel mill in Ja…

Paul Hiller, ICML

While the International Council for Machinery Lubrication’s current certifications cover the fields of oil analysis and lubrication technology, the organization will soon offer specialty cer…